We meet on Saturday night at the Westchester Campus of the Hope Point Church.

There is typically a time of fellowship where you can get a coffee or tea to load up on caffeine.

 We will generally have a brief period of music - typically acoustic - and relaxed. We do not try to motiviate or induce anyone to worship.

There will be a sermon on topics such as:

  • Faith
  • Grace
  • Healing
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit
  • The Love of God
  • Victory
  • Freedom

The purpose of the sermon is to build your faith and trust in God so that you can receive His power and freedom in your life.

Before the sermon we will share in the Lord's Table.  We will then eat dinner together. Everyone is welcome/invited to share in dinner (but only if you want to).

We DO have a nursery for children to age 6, and children are also welcome in the service.